China is a growing economic power bursting at the seams and New Zealand is a well regarded nation of its own when it comes to economic viability and consistency. The relations between these two nations do matter to both sides to remain as prosperous as possible. So, how are their relations at the moment and what is being done to stabilize them in the long term? Let’s take a deeper look into this relationship as a whole.

Since 2008, this agreement has been in place and has done a lot for both nations as to how many items are going in and coming out of the nation. This has a role to play in the economic health of both nations when trading with one another.

In 2008, it was only 1/3 of all items that were coming under this agreement. However, at this point it is going further down and is past 2/3. By 2019, only a few percent of all imports and exports are not going to be under this agreement.

New Zealand doesn’t have too many of these agreements, but this is one of the bigger countries, which they do have the FTA in place to ensure trades are going through as desired.

Business Exchange & Trade Examples

As New Zealand’s and other Oceanic countries such as Australia and Japan grow and prosper, it is apparent that trade and all countries in the region engage in solid trade agreements for the increased wealth and prosperity of countries across this large geographical area. One such great example of business in across across the pacific is the supply of Iron ore between Australia and China, the supply of manufacturing from China to New Zealand and the import and export of, for example, penis pumps, between Australia and New Zealand. Australia produces large amounts of livestock also for the region, largely in the past to Indonesia due to it’s closeness to Australia.

Education And Exchange Program

There is also an education and exchange program in place that is quite rare between China and other nations. However, the healthy relationship between these two countries has made sure this is as strong as ever. Many students from both nations are involved in these programs and more and more are being added into the fray as time goes on.We discuss all the reciprocal options on this site.

The relations between the two nations are getting stronger and stronger as time goes on and this is not going to be stopping any time soon.


Wine Trade - New Zealand & China

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